The professional cosmetic industry directly mobilizes millions of beauty professionals. According to the Federation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism of the State of São Paulo, Brazilian families spend R$ 20.3 billion on hairdresser, manicure and pedicure services, and these costs exceed the cost of regular education courses from preschool to high school, which is R$ 17.24 billion.

To meet all this active demand, Enze Professional has created an expansion department with highly specialized New Business Consultants that help new Professional Cosmetic Distributors that wish to enter this segment in a promising, competitive, planned and safe way.

Enze Professional Distribution consists of the commercialization of exclusive and high performance hair products to professional hair stylists, obeying the rules of the company and the accomplishment of duties. It is given permission to use the brand, the visual and corporate identity and the distribution of products in a given territory to its respective commercial activities. The company qualifies and form new entrepreneurs through constant training, either locally or through distance education courses. 


- Premium Line products with high added value;

- Team with highly qualified market consultants who advise each partner in an individualized way;

- Own manufacture with exclusive formulations of high performance;

- R & D Enze Professional;

- Packaging with exclusive and custom Enze Professional molds;

- Enze Professional Distributor Loyalty program.


• Brand with high engagement in social networks;

• Recommendation for customers who contact the company;

• Authorization for commercial use of Enze Professional brand;

• Campaign on social media with the best bloggers in the beauty segment of the country;

• Campaigns on social media with celebrities;

• Transference of know-how to distribute professional cosmetics;

• Continuous monitoring with the commercial manager of the Distributor account;

• Training, and technical and commercial support: in Enze headquarter, in company or through distance education courses;

• Support for regional marketing actions;

• Development and support for events;

• Participation in development and launching of products;

• Centre of news on digital media: the distributor will have access to the content of the official Enze Professional fan page and will be able to use it for his/her own webpages;

• Exclusive relationship channel on the Internet.